VeriSend Information

VeriSend is a service which attempts to mask transaction data from prying eyes. It utilizes ring nodes, random transaction send amounts, and various other techniques to hide the send/receive connection from the world.

Fees are set to be 2 VRC + less than 1.5% of total transaction to cover mixing costs and dissuade unnecessary use of this system as it bloats the blockchain.

For increased security we recommend you send to multiple addresses. To do this, ask the recipient to give you 5 addresses to send to and your payment will be divided up to all of them.

Mixing cycles represent the amount of time your coin sits within the ringnodes washing from wallet to wallet. Each cycle takes between 30-90 minutes. The more cycles you allow, the more difficult your transaction will be to track.

VeriSend - The VeriCoin Anonymous Transaction Service

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