× Disclaimer! SMS is not a secure messaging platform. Please understand the risk of storing large amounts of VeriCoin on this system. It is possible that a spoofer could fake your number and access your VeriCoin. Also, since this service is in early alpha stages, please do not deposit much coin on it as there may still be bugs. We cannot be responsible for any lost coin due to a bug during the open alpha.

The VeriCoin SMS wallet system functions as a remote, text-based gateway to the VeriCoin network. You can control it using the following commands.

Command List:
"Balance" Returns with your current VeriCoin balance.
"setpassword" Sets your password (setpassword {password}). To change a password use (setpassword {oldpassword} {newpassword}). To use, add your password to the end of any command, ie. (balance {password}).
"Send {VRCADDRESS or PHONE#} {Amount of VRC}" Withdraws VeriCoin to the provided address or phone number. Syntax: "send VTHZfUg11wEJmSgBLUcmCKGYekuqFcGHQq 100.5281" would withdraw 100.5281 VRC to VTHZfUg11wEJmSgBLUcmCKGYekuqFcGHQq. Likewise, the command "send 19085551234 284.1852" would send 284.1852 VRC to the phone number 19085551234. If 19085551234 does not have a VeriCoin wallet, one will be generated and 19085551234 will be messaged asking to accept or decline the deposit. No answer for 7 days will return the balance to the original wallet.
VeriCoin SMS Gateway Numbers:
Belgium 32460200650
Canada 14387939404
France 33644630100
Norway 4759441501
Poland 48799353401
Russia 79021113663
South Africa 27877460001
South Korea 825080825055
Sweden 46769432533
United Kingdom 447520635944
United States of America (Some networks are incompatible including possibly Google Voice) 14387939404
For any assistance with the VeriCoin SMS wallet, please contact sms@vericoin.info. Please understand the risks of using SMS to control your VeriCoins. Because of this we cannot guarantee any funds stored on the VeriCoin SMS wallet.