The VeriCoin Development Team

David BoehmDavid Boehm (@VeriCoinDev3) entered the cryptoworld with Dogecoin. David attended Rutgers University with Pat and received his undergraduate and Master's degree in Computer Science with highest honors. As a recipient of the prestigious SMART scholarship, David worked for the US Department of Defense for the US Army Corps of Engineers as a software developer. David currently works for a small software company in Washington as a Sofware Development Engineer for a cloud computing group.

Pat NoskerPatrick Nosker (@pnosker) started mining Bitcoin in late 2009 and then went on to mine Litecoin, Dogecoin, and BlackCoin. Fed up with stagnant development, he decided to team up with Doug and David to create VeriCoin. He studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry as an undergraduate at Rutgers University and received high honors. He is currently pursuing a dual PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics. He also runs a technology website, Pat holds 3 US patents and is co-inventor of five more including one on influenza therapeutics along with Doug Pike.

Doug PikeDouglas Pike (@effectsToCause) was introduced to cryptocurrency by Pat Nosker. Since then he has passionately researched BitCoin and AltCoins. He concluded that a successful cryptocurrency required a stable community and innovative features, resulting in his Co-Creating VeriCoin with Pat. As an undergraduate at Richard Stockton College, he studied Biology and is currently pursuing a PhD at Rutgers University in Biomedical Engineering. His Computational Biophysics work includes being the lead developer of a novel protein design software library, as well as an author of numerous scientific publications. In addition to VeriCoin, Doug and Pat are co-inventors of a process to discover influenza therapeutics.

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