The VeriCoin Incubator Project

VeriCoin needs a strong and vibrant community to grow. That's why we have started the VeriCoin Incubator Project. The Incubator Project is designed to provide an opportunity for new developers to create applications for VeriCoin.

A developer has many risks that he or she must take in order to build for a new platform. Besides the time cost of building something new, other risks include acquiring some VeriCoin to test a finance application or interfacing with an API to get address balance information, and more.

VeriCoin is prepared to help new developers build applications. The VeriCoin Incubator Project offers startup VeriCoin as well as developer support via email which can help a new or young developer build his or her first application for VeriCoin.

If you would like to participate in the VeriCoin Incubator Project, please send an email to